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Alexandr K.
Moscow Oblast

About me
I love fishing. "Scoring" on Moscow and bought a house near Astrakhan. Now the whole season of "open water" I spend there))). Every fish "I know in the face"))).
Experience:42 years
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Fishing in Astrakhan. Visiting Hamer))).

I welcome all and offer you the services of a fishing guide and boat rental in the Lower Volga, Astrakhan region. 1. Place of basing 1.1 Lower Volga, Volzhsky (Shambay), Enotayevsky district, Astrakhan region. 1.2 Near-located fishing bases (you can reside on one of these bases): "Shambay-97", "Volga-Volga", "High Coast", "Zavolzhye", "Seventh Heaven", "Blue Bird", "Avalon" "," Putin "," Two Pescher ". Before any of these bases, I 10-15 minutes. running (on calm water). 1.3. Bliz-located settlements: pos. Volzhsky (Shambay), Fishing, Seroglazka, Zavolzhskoe, River. 2.Matchch Motor boat "Moryana 500R", length 5,02 + crinoline, width 1,94, the cockpit is trimmed with carpet, three (without me) to fish comfortably. The engine "Yamaha F60СETL" 4т. Salvages and everything necessary, according to the ship's ticket, are available. The boat is equipped with holders for spinning, echo sounder-chart plotter, navigator, water drainage electric pump, anchor winch, navigation lights and guide))). A pod, a hook, a pipe, a kukan, a cage, a water parachute-a floating anchor, binoculars, a kvok, a scales, a camera, and a "humanizer" are available. Skills and experience in extracting hooks from different parts of the human and fish body is! 3.Available water area (within approximately 1 hour to go, with "calm water") Upstream along the Volga: Enotayevskaya arrow, o.Kapitansky, Vinka, Djamba. According to Mitinka: Cossack, Brick, Bath, to Akhtuba. According to Enotayevka: Lenino, Wine, Kosika, East. Downstream: past the island of Zamyansky to the island of Gusin, Peter and Paul. These are the "extreme" points (40 km.), In most cases 10 km is enough. 4. Fishing season Services available: March - mid-May; the end of June - November. 5. Fishing. Fishing methods: spinning (mostly jig fishing), rafting, trolling, kvok, donka, float (on Ericks). Trophies: pike perch, pike, asp, sheatfish, perch, carp, ide. This is the basic! Bel: Gusters (tarashka), bream, crucian ("buffalo"), Chekhon, Vobla (spring) - a lot, always! If there is a need and there will be a desire, I can arrange for you: - Transfer from / to the station / airport of Astrakhan (the airport is 110 km., On the way about 1h.40 min.-2 hours, railway station 95 km .- 1h.20 min.-1h.30 min.) - Excursion on the boat in Saray-Batu ( - Trip to the Buzana area "on lotuses" (in season). - A trip to the local bakchu to buy watermelons, melons, tomatoes, peppers, etc. - Pokatuski on a cheesecake is FREE. If desired, I can provide accommodation for 2 (3) fishermen. A simple village house ... with all amenities A spacious bright room of 15 sq.m., two new one and a half-sleeping beds made of solid wood 200x100, new orthopedic mattresses. Shower, toilet, washing machine, hot water in the house. Reserve capacity, pump station, wiring individual to each "point", through the distribution manifold (in the shower do not scald when someone decided to wash the dishes). Split system, TV-Tricolor. Cooking yourself / or cook 500 r.d. In the village there are several shops, a polyclinic, a trauma center, a pharmacy, a post office, a savings bank. Kitchen, dishes, fridge, 4-bed gas stove, microwave, coffee maker, steamer, brazier, smokehouse, fish dryer - available at home and in the yard. To store the catch there is a freezer 270L. + Freezer 110L. Parking is in the garage or in the yard. I'm engaged in fishing (seriously) for more than 20 years. Priority is jigging.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 24 hours
Moscow Oblast