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Hello friends! Today I decided to share a small story from my life. I think you will be interested to know how I came to organizing fishing tours to Amazonia. "Everyone who reads to the end is waiting for a small and pleasant gift from me personally." ✈One of the most interesting stretches of my life is 2 years long I spent in Venezuela (Latin America). And since I'm a fisherman to the marrow of bones, then on arrival I immediately began to think where to throw the spinning. Quite by chance, fate brought me with the local organizer of fishing tours in the jungles of the Amazon. After talking with him, I did not hesitate to buy a tour. I reviewed all the videos in YouTube for catching a vampire fish, peacock perches, and lived 4 months in dreams. 💻 ☀I here is the day of the fees. We are in the city of Suidad Bolivar with a group of the same shizanutyh comrades, loaded into jeeps and put forward first to the river Kaur (Discovery there shot a story about the anaconda), and then 6 hours along the river on motor boats to our camp. ⛵ 🐬On the way we are accompanied by river dolphins. We observe magnificent views of the mountains and river rides.🌈 The motor breaks down, but our Indian guides are coping with the problem. That you understand, this is a very strange feeling when you are in the jungle with a broken motor about 240 km from the nearest village where there is no signal from the phone. "We got to the camp already dark, because it's getting dark already at 18:00. In the lodge all conditions for a comfortable rest, a dining room, a rest area, a toilet, a shower are created. The houses are constructed of palm tree, and the roofs are covered with palm leaves. The entire lodge is raised above the ground by 30-50cm. 🌴 🐋The day of fishing. We woke up at about 5:30 with the Indians, monkeys and parrots. We had an omelette and coffee in our dining room with a view of the mountains and the river. Prepared tackle, boat and moved to our first fishing point. The place where we arrived was exactly like a video in YouTube. Merging of 2 rivers with turbid and transparent water. The task was to throw the surface bait directly into the place where water is mixed. 🖐🏻 It took only 5 minutes. One of the casts did not work and the bait flew away at 15 meters. After 3-5 suspenders, there was a deafening splash 💥 and the friction screamed like mad! I really could not do anything, it seemed, for 15 seconds! 😨 It was just zzzzzzzzzzzzz ... zzzzzzz ... zzzzzzzz ... :) Pulse 100,000 beats per minute, in the head some thoughts: who? what? how to pull? why this fucking friction is giving away the line? how to slow down on the multiplier? what pull? there snags! only not there! 🤕 All the same, the fish gave up and I started pulling it up. Imagine my surprise when I saw a peacock perch of decent size! Here it is a dream! ❤🐟 Your hands are shaking, your heart is beating. I take it with pliers, take pictures and release it. Euphoria. Moments I remember everything with photos, just some mega positive stress, a buzz :) 😎 Without going out of this state, I continue to catch with shaking hands and in a clouded consciousness. And suddenly! 💥 Bite almost near the boat. Splash such force that it seems that someone fell into the water. Friction screeches, squeals, guys, like crazy, spinning in the hand can not hold! 🎣 What you shake, that you do not shake! "Gid already shouted:" Do you even want to drag her around? There snags, go under the shore - you will lose! ". Again a lot of thoughts, which seemed to sweep a thousand in my head, and now I'm starting to win, I pull up, and there's PYARA 🐊 (fish vampire), healthy, under 90 centimeters long. They took the beauty out into the boat. Friends, I can say that this fish is from a horror film. Teeth are 4-5 centimeters, produces sounds similar to a burp, which is squeezed out of it by force! Waterfall of emotions! Thoughts: how and for what to take it to take a picture and not get hurt? Is it possible to touch it at all? And a lot of different thoughts, which previously did not visit me on fishing. I weighed a soldering iron about 6-7 kilograms. By strength and speed, I can not compare this fish to our freshwater predators. She sets such a drive during the voyage, that there is nothing to compare. This must definitely try! 👍 🔥Already before dinner I realized my dream! More precisely 2 fishes- 2 dreams, BEFORE LUNCH !!! Ofiget! 🔥 After lunch, the organizer sent me one. This, my friends, was really TERRIBLE, because I had no idea how to take this fish in my hands. But I wanted to catch fish! And this is already in another story. I know for sure, someone has the same dream that you can really realize this year! And you can take the first step to it right now! ⚡ 💻Please apply at ▶ ️ Write to me for direct. ☎ Communicate with me in WhatsApp & Viber at +37126420252 📷Sign up for an account in Instagram @rybalka_v_kolumbii 🐠Fake it on facebook
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