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Антон А.

About me
As a boy, I dreamed of catching a huge fish on my homemade wooden fishing pole ... My dream came true after years of experience, and hundreds of fishing trips. Now, many years later, I am a fishing guide and constantly supplement my knowledge and skills both in theory and in practice, participating in various competitions and organize regular fishing tours with our guests. Ready to share part of your experience with you! I practice catching wobblers, jerks, large, unloaded rubber and, of course, the same jig theme. I have in my arsenal a huge amount of gear, baits, as well as all the necessary equipment that will help you catch the fish of your dreams!
Experience:30 years

Fishing in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

I will organize fishing in St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland and other large reservoirs of the Leningrad Region, using my many years of experience, modern fishing equipment, professional gear of leading companies and a large number of working lures. We will show how to properly carry out the bait, which method is preferable in a particular situation and help to catch the desired trophy, even if you are new to spinning, we will definitely share experience and knowledge.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
St. Petersburg