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Индивидуальный тур на Амуре

Khabarovsk region

3-day tour: For Beginners, For Amateurs, For Anglers, For Family, For Children

To organize fishing of this tour, a section of the right bank and the left bank of the Amur River downstream from Komsomolsk-on-Amur was chosen. On this site there are many large islands, on the sandy spits of which it is not uncommon for fascinating fishing, not only for the Amur predator, but also for peaceful fish. There are a lot of channel channels connecting the main stream of the river with floodplain lakes, in which in spring and summer most of the Amur fish spawn. This makes this site very interesting for fishing in the period of open water. Here Amur fish feed up before spawning and fatten after it. COST OF TOUR INCLUDES: - Meeting / seeing off a fisherman in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Boats: boats with outboard engines - Accommodation: tent camp, 4-person tents (of the type of Relaxax). The place is chosen at the discretion of the guide, depending on the flood situation, taking into account the maximum proximity to the potential fishing places. Also, by agreement, accommodation is possible on a fishing base. - Equipment for living (tents, inflatable mattresses, dishes, camping furniture, folding beds, sleeping bags, etc.) - Power supply (220V) - Mobile connection - Food and cooking products throughout the tour. Meals: three meals a day. Hot breakfast and dinner in the afternoon - hiking option: depending on the conditions of fishing and the distance from the base camp. The diet includes: cereals, soups, fish dishes, vegetables, fruits. Meat products - stew, lard, sausage. Fishermen buy delicacies on their own and at their own expense. - Guide services for support throughout the tour. The duties of the guide include: the implementation of the general management of the tour, the maintenance of the boats, the installation of the camp, the loading / unloading of public equipment on the boats, the procurement of firewood, and the order in the camp. In the warm season, we do not recommend anglers to stock up on perishable foodstuffs as there is no stationary refrigerator for the duration of the tour. - Comfort: thermocouples, sleeping bags, folding bed for sleeping camping tent for eating and sleeping, a gas generator for lighting and battery charging. - Safety: all participants are provided with life jackets. The boat is driven by an experienced motorist. In the motor boat in the presence of a first aid kit. Fishermen bring spinning, jelly and other bait, clothing and footwear, reels and other personal items with them. There are no restrictions on this item. You can get advice on the selection of gear and clothing for the upcoming tour with a guide. We advise you to do this in advance. The main fishing time on the Amur River: from mid-May to mid-October. In May, of all the blood-sucking insects, only mites are present, which practically did not occur at the sites of the main sites. But we recommend to use preservative repellents. In June, in hot weather a mosquito may appear, but mostly at this time they do not exist. From July to September, a midge appears on the river and a mosquito in the evening, but the “critical peak” of insects lasts no more than a week and usually falls in the second half of July. In September, a small amount of midges and mosquito in the afternoon and evening hours is permissible. In October, virtually no insects. We advise you to take with you a small stock of repellents and ointments tested by you, since people may often have an allergic reaction to new drugs. Snakes in these areas are quite rare and most often in the area of rocky clips, where coastal fishing is conducted. The fisherman is obliged to inform the organizers of the tour before the trip about possible illnesses or contraindications to participate in the journey with moderate exercise and overnight stays in the field. You voluntarily purchased a ticket and you know that a river and a forest are places of increased danger to the health and life of city dwellers who have fallen into the conditions of the natural environment. Here there are: rains, strong winds, prolonged bad weather, low and high air temperatures, abrupt weather changes, fires, and floods. A person is affected by temperature differences, increased ultraviolet activity of the sun and other factors. At this section of the river there are points where the operators MTS, MEGAFON, BEELINE are available. Therefore, you can always contact the outside world if necessary.

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Your guide Алексей Потехин

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  • Catch guaranteed
  • Beginner friendly
  • Family friendly
  • Guide verified
  • Equipment & Tackle included
  • Well-equipped boat
  • Secure booking

This is a private tour. It will be organized for you and your group only.

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The tour is 3 days long.
This is the recommended time. You can change it after checking with the guide.
This is the recommended time. You can change it after checking with the guide.
50°34'1.319"N, 136°57'57.221"E

Fishing location

Khabarovsk region

Targeted species

  • Caspian asp (Zherekh)
  • European carp
  • Grayling
  • Ide (Orfe)
  • Pike
  • Silver carp
  • Snakehead
  • Taimen
  • Wels catfish
  • Zander (Pike Perch)
  • Auha
  • Bleak
  • Horse gubar
  • Horse spotted
  • Killer Whale
  • Killer whale creak
  • Lenok
  • Mongolian Krasnopur
  • Trogegub
  • Verhoglyad
  • Желтощёк


  • Airport Transfer Included
  • Free cancellation before 35 days

Boat Specification

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Private Tour

1 person

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03 Jan

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05 Jan

3 days

223 USD / day

Total price - per person for 3 days668 USD