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Fishing in Chile

Chile is a country that is associated with Augusto Pinochet, well-known footballers, a unique kind of wine for tourists, Easter Island, and a famous musical about the unfortunate fate of Joaquin Murietta.

Chile is located in the southern part of the South American continent, along a narrow strip on the Pacific coast from Tierra del Fuego to the border with Peru. The territory is located in three climatic zones. Its southernmost part adjoins Antarctica.

The water on the coast is always cool, and the country is cut through by mountain rivers flowing from the tops of the Andes. That is why, for most fishermen around the world, fishing in Chile is comprised of salmon fishing.

What kind of fish can be caught in Chile

Chile is a country where both sea and freshwater fishing are common, and the country is not very densely populated. Within its territory, there are still many places which can be called wild.

That is why Pacific salmon, chinook (the king of all salmon), brown trout and trout are caught in mountain rivers. As per the population of salmon, which the country exports to the world market, Chile is among the top five leading countries in the world.

Sea fishing in Chile is not as popular. Mostly locals fish from the shore or by boat off the coast. The number of sea trophies that can be caught in the waters of Chile include fish moon, sawfish, Pacific cod and congrio, as they call one of the species of local eels.

When to fish trophy fish in Chile

The season of sea fishing in Chile lasts all year long, but February and March are considered the most favorable months for fishing off the coast. During this period, massive amounts of cod appear off the coast and attract large predators.

The season of freshwater fishing in Chile lasts from December till April. During this period, fishermen from all over the world come to catch salmon in the mountain rivers of the country.

Locating fish in Chile and how to fish

The most famous areas for fishing freshwater fish in Chile are:

  • Lake Elcho, with the world-famous Monito island in the middle. On the lake, they catch Pacific salmon, Chinook salmon, and trout;
  • Lake Villariki, Pucona, Todos los Santos, Llanquilou; and
  • Pueblo River, Bio-Bio and Peskaue.

Sea fishing in Chile is engaged around the coast. The port of Valparaiso is considered the starting point of most sea fishing routes.

For fishing in rivers and lakes, fishermen use:

  • spinning - for fishing in lakes and sufficiently full-flowing rivers, as well as for fishing on the coast;
  • fly fishing gear - for trout fishing, salmon, trout and chinook in mountain rivers;
  • trolling and sheer fishing are popular for catching marine fish on the high seas; and
  • bottom fishing – which remains one of the most popular ways of fishing from the seashore.

In terms of efficiency, fly fishing and spinning remain the best fishing methods for catching trophy fish in Chile.

Fishing in Chile is one of the brands of this distant South American country. Thousands of fishermen from all over the world come here to catch trout and salmon when they are most active. The results of this catch are numerous fish trophies weighing under 10 kg.

The fishing packages and fishing tours proposed by our company will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the wild nature of Chile in an area where people are extremely rare.

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