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Fishing in Poland

Poland boasts an extensive network of rivers and lakes from the mountains in the south and across the plains towards the Baltic Sea in the north. The river systems are generally clean and flow through forests, agricultural land and wild terrain, helping wildlife to flourish along the river banks. Favoured fishing locations include Dunajec, Odra, Narew, Bug, San, Drwęca, the Baltic Sea coast and the Mazury Lake District. Sea fishing in Poland is also popular, with firms such as Ark Charter offering angling cruises in the Baltic Sea from Kolobrzeg. The most common freshwater fish in Poland are carp, tench, perch, trout (pictured below), salmon, eels, zander and pike. Private fisheries are common in many areas.

Be it river, lake or sea fishing, Poland offers highly diversified holiday plans for anglers (and groups of them) of all interests, combining the activity with the sightseeing of local attractions. Fishing under the highest mountain range of Poland, the Tatras, and the slightly less monumental Pieniny Mountains, will lead you to the bank of the Dunajec River and its tributaries, southern Poland, exceptionally fertile in trout and perch. The proximity of Szczawnica resort or Krakow provides for a short break from natural surroundings even the most ardent anglers will enjoy. The plain-surrounded Odra river, also guarding the westernmost Polish border, is famous for its breams, roaches and perch-pikes, particularly around the stunning city of Wroclaw. Boarding a fishing boat, taking a cruise along the course of the river or staying at the bank of it will all provide fruitful due to the location chosen. The charm of the eastern part of Poland cannot be underestimated, as so is the fishing potential lying under the water table of crystal-clear Sun and Bug rivers. Surrounded by untamed greenery, they guarantee the peace and tranquillity needed to return with plenty of grayling, wild brown trout or barbel as your trophies. Fishing at the bank of the Vistula, the queen of Polish rivers, opens the most possibilities for tailoring the location to your needs, due to its length and variety of natural surroundings. Poland is the best place to book a fishing charter. Rent or charter a boat for a full day of fishing. Get out on the water and experience the beautiful scenery while enjoying the company of friends and family. Reel in great catches all day with a local fishing guide and captain to take you to the best spots. From celebrating a special occasion to family vacations, Poland is the perfect fishing charter destination. We recommend you check with your guide to find out the kinds of amenities they may provide, for example tackle, bait, cooler, and any other fishing equipment.

Travel in Poland is very cheap and simple, and most locals are happy to help if you run into any trouble. You can travel around the country chasing all the different species the place has to offer, or just enjoy the scenery and other activities. Catching trout in Winter can be a very rewarding experience for those willing to brave the elements. While Summer months give you ample hatches, plentiful feeding trout, and desirable conditions, Winter just makes you work for it. That’s not to say you can’t have some amazing days fly fishing in Winter. The key here is that you need to be prepared and have your expectations in check. On a typical Winter fly fishing day you’re not going to run into large pods of fish feeding on the surface. You’re also not going to run into trout that are very active at all and most likely won’t see any of those fish chasing down streamers. Cold Winter temps slow things down overall. The best mindset to have is heading out on the water with the idea that you’ll catch just one fish. I know that might not seem like much, but I’m sure that fish will still be a rewarding experience. Then if you end up catching more than one, you’ll feel like you’ve had the best day ever on the water. Unless your fishing spring creeks or tailwaters with fairly consistent temperatures, you don’t really want to venture out on the water in super freezing temps. It’s going to be bitter cold for you and it’s going to slow down the fish even more, making them extremely sluggish. A good rule of thumb is to look for warming trends in the weather. If you see a day that is in the twenties to low to mid thirties, that would be a good day to head out on the water.

Poland is not only a great place to go and visit where the people treat you like family, there is also plenty of fishing to be found with some of the best trout fishing found anywhere else.

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