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Fishing with live bait

One of the most well known and popular methods of fishing is live bait fishing. This is probably the most ancient method and for a good reason. Fish eat other fish and small aquatic creatures, so it makes sense to use these as bait in order to catch them. Even with all of the modern advances in technology and new techniques, live bait fishing still catches almost half of all freshwater game fish in North American waters. Depending on the time of the year and the temperature, this can sometimes be the only method able to catch fish.

There are many different types of live bait that can be used to catch fish, such as baitfish, crustaceans, frogs, insects, salamanders, and the most popular, worms. Before fishing, a fisherman should study the fish species he wants to catch and use the right type of live bait in order to catch them. Some fish, like bass, will eat all manner of live bait. Season and temperature should also be considered when selecting the right bait. 

Probably the only disadvantage to live bait fishing is being able to catch and keep the bait alive until it is used. Most bait shops will usually sell many different kinds of live bait and can save you some time and trouble, or you can opt to try and catch the bait yourself to save a little money. By catching it yourself, the bait will also be guaranteed fresh. Many anglers are disappointed when the first minnow the throw on the water instantly dies. This is usually because these fish have been kept for several days prior to being sold. Which ever way you choose, always be sure to handle your live bait with care to keep it alive and fresh. 

You only need a few basic things to get started with bait fishing. Most fishermen already have a rod, reel, and line. A few bobbers and sinkers, as well as some appropriate sized hooks and you will have everything necessary in order to start catching fish with live bait. Using the wrong sized hook can result in killing your live bait prematurely and severely limit your ability to catch anything because of it. By using a combination of both bobbers and sinkers, you can fish at whatever depth your target fish is hiding out at.

Even though live bait fishing is by far the oldest and dated fishing method out there, there is a reason it is still so popular. Fish have to eat, and by using their prey you can easily catch them time and time again. By testing and using a few different species of live bait, you can find what the fish are eating in your area and begin to get a feel for what bait to use, when and where to use it, and what sizes to use. So go and grab your fishing rod, either catch or buy some live bait, and try it out next time you are on the water You might be surprised at just how many fish you will catch by using live bait! 

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