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Edoardo C.
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About me
Born in Rome in 1996, Edoardo got his start spin fishing on the river banks of Lazio and trolling with live bait on the coasts of northern Sardinia. His many travels abroad have given Edoardo valuable experience in spin fishing and the use of artificial bait for both tropical and oceanic environments. In 2011/2012 he hung up his spinning rod to devote himself full-time to the style with which he has now irreparably fallen in love: tuna fishing. He also quickly discovered that live bait was far more engrossing than the classic Sardines. One of his first international fishing trips, back in 2010, brought him to Cape Cod, where he left his heart, and promised to return in the future. A strong love for the giant bluefin tuna, and a friendship with his former fishing guide and now partner, Alan, has landed him back in the Cape; this time as a fishing guide himself, and, of course, as Captain Edoardo.
Experience:23 years
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Cape Cod: Striped Bass and Giant Tunas

The Tuna Whisperer Charter and Fishing Travels offers a unique experience in Chatham, Cape Cod, taking care of our guests from the place to stay to the best service on the water with the best captains. We offer Striped Bass spinning and Fly Fishing week or Giant Bluefin Tuna standup fishing. On request, we organize mixed week with both Bass and Tuna fishing. Package includes the house in Chatham, a SeaVee34 to spend a great time on the water everyday. We guarantee 5 days on the water out of 7 days in Chatham. Drinks and food is available for every guest on the boat. *package is from a minimum 4 to A maximum of 5 people, with the possibility to book a 8 people group to split between 2 boats and 2 houses.
Duration: 7 days
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
United States
3 000 USD