International fishing trip booking service

Гарик Г.
Volgograd Oblast

Experience:23 years
Language skills

Guide boat fishing along the Don River with accommodation

I will organize fishing on the Don camp site '' 5 seas '' Rooms (from standard to luxury) - Fish: Pike perch, Bersh, Perch, pike, Common carp, Silver carp - The boat on which I offer my services is equipped with the latest fishing and navigation equipment (Cost 72 000 $) Guaranteed safety of the catch: - aerators with oxygen enrichment (2 aerators with backlight: 110 l) - overlay of the radar environment on the Navionics navigation charts; - warning system against collisions on the water; - a real-time marine thermal imager with an image display on 2 screens - Car storage: - secure parking Additional paid services: - Payment of gasoline in fact - rental of a jet ski - American pleasure boat (Karpovsoe reservoir) - cutting the catch and packing in vacuum; - transfer - cooling or shock freezing on the road - Excursions Restrictions: - no more than 3 fishermen on board (3rd - surcharge 5000r)
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Volgograd region