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Валентин М.
Moscow Oblast

About me
Home reservoir of the Oka River, water area from Serpukhov to Kolomna. There are two boats in the arsenal, Nord Silver 610 with full equipment is assembled in Botlab (Kashira) and Vinbot 45s evo fish with full equipment is assembled in Fishmaster pro (Ryazan) Boats are in the marina on the Oka river in the backwater of Stupino I cooperate with camping Kem on the Oka. Also art cafe 25 years of experience in catching a predator with a spinning rod. Guide experience 10 years I actively cooperate with Botlab about Kashira. I cooperate with large Moscow retail and wholesale stores of fishing goods. I offer both one-day tours and multi-day tours along the Oka. It is possible to travel to other bodies of water. Training both from scratch and guiding with experienced anglers, both singles and groups. Help and advice in choosing gear, clothing, boats and everything that accompanies recreational and sport fishing. Social media accounts and a YouTube channel are in the process of filling.
Experience:28 years

Fishing on the Oka.

Fishing for predatory fish in the water area of the Oka Stupino-Kashira region
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Moscow region