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LLC "Fishing tour in Siberia" 2 years is the official tour operator in Russia. For 14 years we have been organizing fishing tours in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. We strive to offer our guests the best fishing places, allowing to fully enjoy the charming nature in which a large catch lives. We use our own aircraft on the airway (SVP Khivus 6 and 10), airborne North, SVP "Bris", water jet boats, a 14-seater cruise ship. For more comfortable fishing, we provide one SVP for 4 people. Fishing takes place in more than ten hard-to-reach, wild rivers and lakes, where exactly you can catch the trophy taimen. Also in our region is found whitefish, grayling, nelma, pike. perch, sterlet, ide and much more. Our fishing places allow us to use both a fly fishing method and a spinning look. We draw your attention, fishing for taimen is carried out according to the principle "CROSSED-SPHOTOGRAPHED-RELEASED". We do not allow killing taimen! In the case of the murder of the taimen, the group or person who killed the taimen falls into the black list and is no longer accepted by our company! The rest of the fish is confiscated only in the amount necessary for feeding on the river - CAPTURE fish for exportation is prohibited! Choosing us, you get a responsible team for organizing fishing tours in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Open your dream with us.
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Fishing in Taimen

STANDARD TOUR! Trophy fishing: taimen, pike, grayling, perch, whitefish, lenok, etc. Location: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Turukhansk, r. Northern, r. Dry Tunguska, Fatyanikha and others. Fishing season: June - until the end of September. Preference for booking a tour: from 1 year to 6 months. Tour includes:  - Flight from Krasnoyarsk to Turukhansk and back; - Duration - 8 days / 7 nights; - number of participants - from 4 to 24 people; - installation of the camp (wardroom, tents, shower, hearth); - accommodation in a stationary tent camp (baby cots, mattresses, pillows); - tent bath; - Filling and fishing with a hovercraft; - guide-guide services; - food (cook, all necessary household appliances); - generator for charging equipment; - implementation of general directions along the route; - Medical insurance; - Solemn presentation of gifts on the results of the catch at the end of the tour. Tour does not include: - alcohol and delicacies (participants, if necessary, bring yourself); - fishing equipment (on request); Additional services: - delivery of all fishing equipment to Turukhansk with the help of transport companies in advance; - Professional photography - 100 000 rubles (per group); - Individual video shooting with quadrocopter - 150 000 rubles (per group), will be presented in two versions: one short (as in the video of the presentation, only with your participation), the second will have all the pictures for the entire period; - Delivery by helicopter - the approximate cost of one hour flight is 137 000 rubles. Tour program: Day 1 - Meeting at the airport in Krasnoyarsk, transfer to a regular flight that flies to Turukhansk (flight time 2 hours 40 minutes), From Turukhansk airport, transfer to the pier by car (10 - 15 minutes), go to the SVP, and we go to the tent camp (approximately 3 to 5 hours); Day 2 - Fishing, the threshold of the Kosaya Severnaya River. Fishing, estuary r. Delingde; Day 3 - Fishing, r. North, the mouth of the river. Pashkino; Day 4 - Fishing, r. North, "three streams" Day 5 - Fishing, r. North, the Great Threshold; Day 6 - Fishing, r. Northern (islands); Day 7 - Fishing, r. Delingde; Day 8 - Transfer to the campground - Turukhansk airport Full support during the rest. Schedule of the day: early in the morning we have breakfast, we go to the SVP for fishing in different places. Lunch, snacks, in the place where we catch fish, we return to the camp in the evening, we have supper. * The tour program can be changed by the decision of the organizers of the company "Fishing in Siberia" due to changes in the water situation on the rivers and other circumstances. ** The organizers reserve the right to change, supplement the cost in case of changes in prices for direct costs (fuel, tickets, etc.). Meals: three meals a day (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch, snacks, tea, coffee). The diet includes: cereals, soups, fish dishes, meat products - stew. Recommendations for fishing equipment: scabbards, mosquito repellent, sleeping bag, warm jacket, rain cap, waders, change shoes, sunglasses, sports cover, gloves, backpack or travel bag. All things must be packed in plastic bags or bags. It is necessary to have an individual first-aid kit taking into account the characteristics of the participant. Recommended equipment: spinning, fishing for fishing, fishing rod. Lures: Wobblers (of different colors and sizes), spinners (preferably rotating, Blue Fox 3-4 are ideal), mouse, flies (gray or dark colors), braided lines (up to 0.40 mm), and good double bait in shape eight (Double). Attention! The maximum weight of equipment per participant is not more than 20 kg. In our account on our site there is a "Premium Tour".  
Duration: 9 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Krasnoyarsk region
2 100 USD