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Aleksandr A.
Volgograd Oblast

About me
Hey! My name is Alexander Annenkov. I have been fond of fishing since I was six. My hobby has turned into a way of life, since 2017 I began to provide services of a fishing guide since I like to share my experiences and observations with people who are keen on fishing. I offer an exciting sport fishing with a jig from a boat on the river. Volga from March to January. Also active fishing with wobblers for a white predator (asp, ide and chub). It is possible to search and catch catfish for donk or jig, the best fishing time is July, August and September. We catch Cupid and Carp from July to October for carp montage. Locations can be very diverse, depending on the season and your preferences. This may be the Volgograd reservoir in the area with. Gorny Balykley search for trophy pike perch in June and July. Volgograd city center on summer days - fishing on rocky shoals with cranks for chub and ide. Water area below Volgograd from the village. Svetly Yar to Akhtubinsk (Raigorod village, Solodniki village, Bundin village, Kamenny Yar village, Stupino village) - Pike perch, pike, asp in spring, autumn and winter before freezing. Water area of the Astrakhan region Enataevsky district from the village. Nikolskoye (Vetlyanka village, Tsagan Aman village to Enotaevka-Som village, carp, cupid, asp, pike perch and pike. Akhtuba from the base Poplavok, Kharabali to the Black Market - Sudak, pike. Volga delta Volodarsky district Belinsky bank from the village. Zelinga (Makovo village, Revolution Islands, all Ognevki all the way to the sea) - carp, catfish, asp, pike perch and pike. Accommodation at recreation centers of various levels or fishing houses, everything is individual. Full tour organization on request.
Experience:25 years
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Unforgettable adventures in the city of Volgograd

A trip on a fishing boat from the city of Volgograd to Astrakhan...
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
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