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Владимир П.

About me
An experienced fisherman.
Experience:54 years
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Fishing in the Astrakhan region

Trophy fishing trolling. Boat Starcraft. Spring April Summer July Autumn October. At will, participation in festivals. I know the entire water area from Kharabali to Zamyan. Two people in the boat I am third. My gear and lures. Gasoline in fact ... Booking in advance ...
Duration: 7 days
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Astrakhan Region

Fishing with an experienced guide.

Fishing from a boat on Ikshinsky, Pestovsky reservoirs. Trolling, bypass, bream from the shore to the feeder. Regardless of whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice who has not previously held spinning in his hands, you do not need to spend time searching for a place where fish is caught and no money to buy quality equipment. All this you also get when fishing with me. I will bring you to the checked places, provide you with the necessary equipment and equipment, and of course, I will tell you how to catch a big fish. If necessary, I will take you on a boat from your base. Fishing is carried out on a professional fishing boat. Gasoline is charged separately upon use.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 24 hours
Moscow region
159 USD