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Павел М.

About me
Since youth, fishing has been a major hobby, and over time has become a matter of life. A fan of northern sea fishing. I am the owner of the base "Repvag" or "Russian fishing in Norway". The base provides the fishermen with a full range of services (accommodation, meals, rental of boats, tackles, suits-"floats", jager service, organization of transfer and excursion program.
Experience:26 years
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Russian Fishing in Norway

Fishing is carried out in the waters of the richest fishing fjord in Norway. Practically independent of the weather - the fjord reliably shelters from the winds. A bonus for those who love skrei fishing (large North Atlantic cod going to spawn) - the spawning pit is located 500 meters from the base. Accommodation in a studio apartment equipped with everything necessary for storing and preparing food, catering is also possible (300 euros per person per week). There are additional services for evacuating the catch, renting tackle and "float" suits. In addition to fishing, it is possible to organize trips to Nord Cap, Yezvar (Bird Safari), Honningsvag. Fuel is paid as per use.
Duration: 8 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
1 747 USD